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DTG Role Perfect Fit for Meghan’s Career Aspirations

DTG Role Perfect Fit for Meghan’s Career Aspirations

“The experience I have and will continue to gain at DTG will be invaluable.”

After graduating last summer, Meghan Harvie had set her sights on a career in either pharmaceutical processing or environmental consultancy, so when the role of Digital Consultant at DTG became available, she knew it would be a perfect, if challenging fit.

Almost one year on, the young graduate is so grateful for the opportunity to be working alongside and learning so much from team members with 30+ years’ experience in the digital space and pharmaceutical sector, and excited to further understand the drive for digital solutions when it comes to process automation.

Meghan said, “When fellow graduate Kirstie Cowan approached me, I was immediately interested. Although the digital space was totally new to me, it seemed like the perfect fit, and I was excited for the challenge that the role could provide.”

DTG’s mission is to help businesses and organisations transform their manufacturing productivity through an enhanced digitalisation strategy.

Meghan is the fourth graduate to join in the space of 2 years as the company continues to build a vibrant team through a successful graduate recruitment programme.

Reflecting further on her first nine months in the role, we asked Meghan a bit more about how she was finding life at DTG.

What are your main responsibilities?

“When starting out I immediately got involved with the refresh of CAsT, the companies revolutionary Industrial Cyber Assessment tool, making sure we were fully aligned with the latest HSE and IEC regulations. I also got the chance to draft proposals to new clients, research training courses and assist in the design and delivery of a digital workshop.

“Today, I have my own individual projects, one of which involves designing a call out system for a local pharmaceutical plant using Microsoft Power Automate. I also work alongside fellow Digital Consultant Ross Armour on vendor assessments and have been collaborating with our partner, Wyoming Interactive on the design/development of our new web-based version of CAsT.

How easy has it been moving from student life to full time employment?

“The transition between student life and full-time employment has been seamless. The DTG team welcomed me with open arms and threw themselves into teaching me all I needed to know about digital transformation. Our lunch preparation rota and monthly socials gave me the opportunity to get to know everyone and it really helped me integrate into my new team.”

What has been your biggest achievement, learning, and surprise about working at DTG?

“Biggest achievement has been developing the call out system, as I had to teach myself how to use Power Automate and how to code using Office Scripts. My biggest learning challenge has been managing my various projects and being able to adjust my working style depending on who I am working with and what I am working on. Surprise wise, has to be the amount of responsibility I have been trusted with, when working both internally and also externally with clients – it is very empowering to have an employer put such trust and faith in you from such an early stage.”

How easy do you feel it will be to develop your career at DTG?

“DTG has supported my development so far in many ways, including Lean Six Sigma training and constant support if I ever feel out of depth with any tasks.

“The experience I have and will continue to gain at DTG will be invaluable as I progress through my career.”

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