Cyber Risk Assessment

The Challenge

Inconsistent Assessment Approaches

Cybersecurity assessments of OT networks, assets and procedures are often completed on a site by site basis, with differing approaches and frameworks followed. This makes it difficult to drive consistency across the enterprise which reduces accuracy and value of any data produced.

The Solution

CAST: Cyber Risk Assessment

Complete the CAST risk assessment to identify gaps in compliance and weaknesses in your cybersecurity posture. Sticking with your own framework? You can also upload custom assessments and deploy across your enterprise for a consistent approach.

Customisable Views

Search by name or filter by type, building, location, manufacturer.

Excel Upload

Upload your assets to give you head start in digitising your inventory.

Make Changes Quickly

Edit, archive or create new assets easily and quickly online.

Full Audit Trail

Tracking change is important. Audit trail tracks changes made by time and users.