Industrial Cybersecurity

Embracing digitalisation and increasing the connectivity of legacy manufacturing systems leaves organisations vulnerable to cyber threats.

The security of operational technology is more critical that ever but it is often poorly communicated and therefore, poorly managed.

Our CAsT platform helps business leaders to better understand and quantify their operational cyber risk and supports the creation of a wholistic OT Cyber Security Strategy.

A Centralised OT Cyber Security Management Hub

Consolidate your operational technology risk management within a single web-based platform.

CAsT equips business leaders with the tools to measure and manage their OT cyber risk across their network of sites

Designed for Management

Lifecycle Product

Quantifies Cyber Risk

Business Focused

Consistent Across Sites

Easily Salable

How it works

CAsT benchmarks your current business risk based on an evaluation of operational assets, technical processes and business practises.

Visualised insights enable remediation planning to improve your OT security posture over time.