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DTG Help Merck Irvine ‘Lead’ the Way on Digital

DTG Help Merck Irvine ‘Lead’ the Way on Digital

“I am more confident we can plan the road ahead, to properly embrace digitalisation and realise the benefits”

Looking to make the right first step on their Digitalisation journey, senior leaders from the Merck site in Irvine, recently took part in a workshop aimed specifically at supporting leadership teams to deeply understand their digital challenge, allowing the creation and implementation of an appropriate, realistic, and meaningful Digital Strategy.

The one-day event, designed and delivered by DTG, brings together a wealth of experience and knowledge from the Digital Transformation experts, as explained by Operations Director, Ian Campbell:

“Many organisations are becoming increasingly concerned by what digital is and what digital does. There is so much talk and noise about the benefits it can bring to a manufacturing environment, but the reality is many leaders are so focussed on the day job, they simply don’t have the bandwidth to get their arms properly around the topic or even understand how to get started.

“Our workshop carefully walks people through the role of a digital leader, explaining how data is changing the market, identifying potential pitfalls and sharing how best to structure your business for digital success.”   

The innovative and interactive session sets out to deliver the following learning objectives:

  • Know how to lead in a digital world
  • Understand Industry 4.0, digital tools, and the modern manufacturing market
  • Know how to write and govern a digital strategy
  • Build delivery capability and performance metrics
  • Build the right structure and set up for success on your digital journey

Merck is a global science and technology company driven to solve the toughest problems in life science. Innovation is a core value, and they are committed to providing the tools and expertise to inspire an infinite number of scientific solutions.

Eleanor Mackinven, Digitalisation Manager at the Irvine site said:

“Today was a really great session, which sparked lots of conversation and enthusiasm. We are at an early stage of our digital journey, so it has been extremely useful and very timely to have it brought to life with the expertise and insights from DTG.”

“I am more confident now that we can plan the road ahead, to properly embrace digitalisation and realise the benefits for our site.” 

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