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DTG Ready to Support UK Skills Landscape

DTG Ready to Support UK Skills Landscape

‘For the economy to truly recover, we must embrace and exploit new digital technologies’

According to The Open University’s annual business report, published in partnership with the Institute of Directors, the UK’s current skills shortage will be a long-term strategic challenge for employers.

The Business Barometer report identifies that since the disruption to the labour market caused by the pandemic, more candidates have been entering the job market. However, just under a third of employers surveyed have left a position vacant due to not being able to find an appropriate candidate and three in ten have had to train existing employees to fill gaps, often overextending their workforce.

In response, more than half of employers are outlining training strategies for future success, with apprenticeships and work-based learning seen as vital for the future of their organisation, an 8% increase from last year.

In support of this increased desire for worked-based learning and with 52% saying their organisation needed to improve its digital skills, DTG are perfectly placed to provide a range of mentoring and training.

DTG is a Digital Transformation company, delivering technology solutions that enable clients to embrace the operational, cultural, and financial benefits of digitalisation within their manufacturing and supply operations.

Built on extensive business expertise and technology experience in large, complex, and high value regulated manufacturing environments, DTG have developed training solutions in order to keep companies ahead in today’s digital age.

Their Demystifying Digital course introduces and educates all levels of an organisation on the latest digital revolution, Industry 4.0. Industrial (OT) Cyber Security training covers the increased cyber security threats arising from Industry 4.0 along with methods of preventing and dealing with attacks in the manufacturing sphere. Digital, Data & Analytics, delivered in partnership with Wyoming, presents all aspects of the data lifecycle and how analysis can deliver significant business benefit. Finally, Digital Leadership, Alignment & Execution is a mentoring programme, providing a step-by-step process, allowing management teams to understand where they are on the digital journey, identify the opportunities, define a structure for success and unlock the digital value.

DTG’s Operations Director, Ian Campbell commented:

“If we truly want the economy to recover post pandemic, we must embrace and exploit the new digital technologies that surround us. Even before Covid, CBI research found that 90% of the UK’s workforce will need to gain new skills by 2030, much of which will be driven by digitalisation.

“We believe, at DTG, we can support a UK recovery by being an active part of a healthy skills landscape.”

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